Hangovers are awful, but they are preventable.  HANGOVR-180 is the answer we have all been waiting for.   It is like a super power against alcohol damage.  It uses scientifically proven natural ingredients to extend your body’s ability to process alcohol without producing the secondary toxins that cause hangovers.  Our patent pending formula combines a purified extract of Vine Tea Leaves (DHM), glutathione and Fulvic/Humic acids, which are organic compounds that deliver nutrients into and chelate toxins from within cells.  HANGOVR-180directly supports liver and cognitive functions and it prevents the damage that underlies your hangover symptoms from happening in the first place.  The result is hangover protection covering 8-10 standard drinks, but most importantly, it provides the protection that empowers socializing and provides the freedom to enjoy some of the best times of your life to the fullest.

H180 Package Shot front V2 MS

HANGOVR-180™ Product Features & Benefits

  • Our patent pending HANGOVR-180™ formulation incorporates scientifically proven ingredients to deliver science-backed and evidence-based synergistic effects shown to support alcohol metabolism, counteract the detrimental physiological and psychological effects of alcohol consumption and help restore systemic and cognitive functionality, including learning and memory the morning after.
  • The unique combination of Biopsychoactives™ in HANGOVR-180™ is based on 300+ scientific and medical research references, which verify our ingredients’ mechanisms of action in counteracting the acute symptoms of alcohol hangover and re-establishing overall well-being.
  • HANGOVR-180™ takes a distinctive position amongst competitors. Instead of offering yet another hangover prevention supplement that merely targets rehydration or vitamin and mineral repletion, we have taken hangover prevention to the Next Level.
  • We focus on potent, uniquely combined core ingredients that e.g. minimize liver injury, support liver detoxification, reduce fat accumulation in liver tissue, fight oxidative stress and lower the short-term inflammatory effects of alcohol consumption on both the body and brain, thereby preventing cellular damage.
  • In addition to the most effective alcohol metabolizing agents known to science today, our patent pending HANGOVR180™ formulation uniquely contains (1) the body’s master antioxidant in its superior absorbable and highly stable  form as well as (2) the most powerful natural electrolyte, which also enhances nutrient absorption, supports gut health, boosts energy levels, increases brain power and optimizes immune function – benefits that synergistically aid in hangover recovery and beyond.
  • Our Next Level approach to hangover recovery optimizes bioavailability and maximizes absorption

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