Reversal Agents

Problem They Solve

When a consumer ingests too much alcohol, cannabis or psilocybin, they can use the appropriate 180 Family product to manage or minimize the effects of what they’ve ingested.

Commercialization Model

Focused on immediate revenue by distributing through brick-and-mortar stores and by launching direct-to-consumer sales as part of our 180 Family of intoxication reversal agents.


Our reversal agent for alcohol uses scientifically proven ingredients for reducing blood alcohol levels while supporting the liver and cognitive functions.


Our cannabis overdose reversal agent works through accelerated interaction and higher affinity at the endocannabinoid receptors.

U.S. Provisional Patent Application filed October 2020


Our psilocybin overdose reversal agent is a unique product in the non-prescription over-the-counter space. Products in this space from competitors are merely calming agents, whereas the Trip-180™ advantage is to function as a metabolic adaptogen.

NOTE: HangOVR-180TM was presented at the NACS annual trade show Oct. 5-8, 2021 and will be commercially launched in Q1 2022 in the United States. Baked-180TM is currently in final efficacy testing and will be launched following the launch of HangOVR-180TM. Trip-180’s formulation is scheduled to undergo additional R&D starting in Q4 2021 in collaboration with the University of Alberta at the Drug Development and Innovation Centre, Faculty Of Pharmacy And Pharmaceutical Sciences, Katz Group-Rexall Centre For Pharmacy & Health Research.


HangOVR-180™ Product Features & Benefits

  • Our patent pending HangOVR-180™ formulation incorporates scientifically proven ingredients to deliver science-backed and evidence-based synergistic effects shown to support alcohol metabolism, counteract the detrimental physiological and psychological effects of alcohol consumption and help restore systemic and cognitive functionality, including learning and memory the morning after.
  • The unique combination of Biopsychoactives™ in HangOVR-180™ is based on 200+ scientific and medical research references, which verify our ingredients’ mechanisms of action in counteracting the acute symptoms of alcohol hangover and re-establishing overall well-being.
  • HangOVR-180™ takes a distinctive position amongst competitors. Instead of offering yet another hangover prevention supplement that merely targets rehydration or vitamin and mineral repletion, we have taken morning after recovery to the Next Level.
  • We focus on potent, uniquely combined core ingredients that e.g. minimize liver injury, support liver detoxification, reduce fat accumulation in liver tissue, fight oxidative stress and lower the short-term inflammatory effects of alcohol consumption on both the body and brain, thereby preventing cellular damage.
  • In addition to the most effective alcohol metabolizing agents known to science today, our patent pending HangOVR-180™ formulation uniquely contains (1) the body’s master antioxidant in its superior absorbable and highly stable  form as well as (2) the most powerful natural electrolyte, which also enhances nutrient absorption, supports gut health, boosts energy levels, increases brain power and optimizes immune function – benefits that synergistically aid in hangover recovery and beyond.
  • Our Next Level approach to hangover recovery doesn’t stop with selecting and combining the right ingredients. We also apply Advanced Nutraceutical Delivery Technologies to optimize bioavailability and maximize absorption

Drink-180™ Daily Support

Problem It Solves

When a consumer ingests alcohol on a regular basis, our Drink-180TM Daily Support gummies and capsules provide targeted protection against the negative physiological, psychological and psycho-social long-term effects of ethanol and its metabolites. Drink-180TM Daily Support contains a fully science-backed selection of BiopsychoactivesTM shown to diminish the oxidative stress, inflammation, neurodegenerative decline and predisposition to chronic diseases of long-term alcohol consumption, while helping to restore and maintain healthy lifestyle habits.

Commercialization Model

Focused on immediate revenue by distributing through brick-and-mortar stores and by launching direct-to-consumer sales.

NOTE: Drink-180TM Daily Support is currently being manufactured and will be commercially launched in Q1, 2022 in the United States.


Nutraceutical Formulations

Commercialization Model

  • Immediate revenue by licensing to larger domestic and international groups
  • Revenue from manufacturing & distribution realized through online sales and retailers

SyncBetter™ Resilience

Strengthens the body’s innate defense mechanism and advances healthy immunity towards an adaptive, hormetic response to exercise and physical exertion.

SyncBetter™ Productivity

Supports the body’s ability to restore, sustain, and optimize physical and mental energy levels.


Comprehensively enhances the body's inherent immune intelligence.


Licensable Novel Formulas

NOTE: Our SyncBetter™ Tea and Coffee, SyncBetter™ Resilience, and SyncBetter™ Productivity formulations are complete. We are currently reviewing potential manufacturing and licensing partners.

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