Delivering Biopsychoactive™ Compounds For Healthy & Successful Thinking.

Biopsychoactives™ : active botanical and fungal compounds that positively impact mental and physical health.

Our Products & Technologies Target 3 Markets:


Reversal & Recovery:
USD $3.02B by 20251

Fortified Foods & Nutraceuticals:
USD $722B by 20272

USD $6.86B by 20273

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We create novel in-house formulations that help to create a healthier relationship between consumers and adult use recreational substances.


We develop licensable technologies that improve the delivery of Biopsychoactives™ and reduce the reliance and dependency on addictive substances by preventing much of the damage these substances cause in the body.


The integration of our expertise in Biopsychoactives™ delivery technologies, our understanding of functional medicine and our science-backed, evidence-based approach to novel fortified food and nutraceutical formulations uniquely positions us within the adult recreational intoxicants market.

Global Economic Cost of Mental Disorders

The world is in a growing mental health crisis.

Yesterday’s treatments clearly aren’t fixing the problem.

Global Economic Cost of Mental Disorders1

Much More Than Just Mental Disorder

There's also an epidemic of unhealthy & unsuccessful thinking.

It’s holding back everyday people in their work, relationships, & self-realization.

Yesterday’s treatments were never designed to address these problems at all.

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