The Big Picture: 3 Growing Markets

Reversal & Recovery Market

Global Reversal & Recovery Market

  • 2020: USD $1.56B
  • 2028: USD $4.6702B (projected)
  • CAGR: 14.6 (proj. 2021-28)1
“The growth is primarily driven by increasing worldwide consumption of alcoholic drinks, analysts noted, despite recently emerged cannabis-infused products are expected to take larger shares of the beverage market in the future.” – Forbes, Feb. 20212

Fortified Foods & Nutraceuticals Market

Global Nutraceutical Market

  • 2019: USD $383B3
  • 2027: USD $722B (projected)
  • CAGR: 8.3% (proj. through 2027)4
“Demand for functional foods is on the rise as they are believed to impart exceptional health benefits owing to their nutrient content.” – Grand View Research, April 20203

Psychedelics Drug Market

US Psychedelics Drug Market5

  • 2027: USD $6.86B (projected)
  • CAGR: 16.3% (proj. through 2027)

There is no meaningful psychedelics market today…but regulations are steadily opening up around the world.

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Mid-Term Opportunities

Customized Fortified Food Formulations

Currently working with an international food ingredient distributor to design formulations that maximize the impact of poorly digestible but highly beneficial botanicals and fungal compounds.

Microdosing Companion Line

Building brand awareness by developing nutritional supplements that help underground microdosers create a positive mindset before a psychedelics experience.


Developing an online information platform for functional and magic mushrooms to enable others to easily access science-based research.

Long-Term Opportunities

Technology Licences with Pharma Companies

Developing delivery technologies that protect Biopsychoactives™ and manage the point and pathway of their absorption and metabolism. This research is expected to be portable across chemical classes that include a variety of psychedelic molecules.

Treatment Protocols

Exploring the development of first-to-market combinations of psychedelics with monitored experiences designed to support positive, lasting behavioral change.

Synthesized Psychedelics

Exploring the research and business case for lab-developed psychedelics, expecially to address likely issues around the sustainability of fragile supply chains.

Investment Highlights

Dual Market Problems:

Growing mental health crisis and unhealthy, unsuccessful thinking.

Novel Solution:

Deliver Biopsychoactives™ to the bloodstream to promote healthy and successful thinking.

3 Growing Markets

Reversal & Recovery ($3.02B by 20251), Fortified Foods & Nutraceuticals ($722B by 20272), Psychedelics ($6.86B by 20273)

Competitive Advantage:

Our focus on healthy and successful thinking positions us to help more people, more quickly.

Multiple Opportunity Timelines:

Building positioning, products and revenue now for when the psychedelics market becomes viable later.

Immediate-Term Revenue Opportunities:

Manufacturing/distribution of our 180 Family reversal agents.

Mid-Term & Long-Term Opportunities

Several product, licensing and treatment options at various levels of exploration and development.

Upcoming Catalysts:

Next steps include licensing, manufacturing and distribution of existing and newly developed products.

Proven International Team:

Expertise in business building, science-based product development, and commercial sales and operations. 

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